The idea


The Vanoi fascinates all kayakers as it represents the border to technical and psychological maturity to deal with alpine-Rivers course where slope, volume and variability of rapid melt into a thrilling ride! Vanoi is our home river even though we come from outsides the Region from the provinces of Vicenza, Padua, Treviso and Belluno. In fact it is not unusual that starts the red alert when the hydrometer Vanoi is right to make a beautiful descent even after work! In the morning, we analyze the river situation and then at 5 p.m we leave for  the Vanoi Valley to run  2, 3 or more turns the Upper Section or take a thrilling ride in the lower stretch 12 km long!

To share these emotions and give the opportunity to know the high course kayaking, practiced on steep and exciting streams, we invite you, after many years of break, to VANOI RAPID RACE which since 2015 is organized by the River  & Outdoor Sports Centre Onda Selvaggia (Wild Wave)

We involved enthusiasts white water kayakers, professionals of river sports, to organize an event that wants to be a meeting, a party, a get-together in which to combine breathtaking descents on the most challenging stretches of the Upper Vanoi  River and a wonderful ride in the Lower Vanoi River that offers 12 km of 3rd – 4th rapids.

  • more experienced athletes and kayak  instructors will be at your disposal to lead you down  along the various sections of this spectacular river
  • There will be the support of the SAF and Relief Teams River Rescue Wild Water® that will ensure high safety standard during Competitions
  • It will be an opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes typical of the Trentino cuisine

You will discover a valley of incredible unspoiled beauty where the River Vanoi is the protagonist surrounded by the peaks of Lagorai and Cima D’Asta